I would love to introduce you to the part of the site dedicated to making posts about my adventures of curating Namco Classics, I am also looking for others to join the curating team as well! Namco Museum were one of those games I played when I was growing up, but that game alone has stuck with me the most. Being both the aesthetic, and musical parts of it! It has really stuck in my mind like super glue, everytime I look back, it's the most fondest memories. It wasn't just the games packed in, it the the virtual museum itself, I've spent more time in the museum than the games themselves.

I got inspired by looking at the Hackers Curator website, the people on that website has so much passion to a singular film. This website here is dedicated to primarily to the Namco Museum series, which is my passion to a niche thing. Fitting with the theme of the 90's, since the first series of compilations came out in the 90's. It was a match made in heaven. The games have definitely fed my hunger for talking about these games that were in the compilation, but the games that also weren't in them. Namco has a huge library of interesting games that I am willing to delve into.


Published on 10/27/19

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